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Animate Your Classroom DSC03146.JPG Stopmotion animation is a technique of creating movies frame by frame; it allows for a physically manipulated object look like it is moving on its own. Students are able to design and build sets to animate and bring to life a topic or concept they are learning in the classroom.

Purpose: Stopmotion Animation is a great tool for students to show their knowledge in a non traditional manner. It can be used to tell a complete story, show a science experiment, make predictions, create a timeline, and more.

Step 1:
Choosing a topic
Choose to tell a story or display a concept
Which subject will you use this in?

Step 2:Research
Is this something the students need to learn or a subject matter already covered?

Step 3:Scripting and Developing a Storyboard
Storyboards vary depending on age group.

Step 4:Set Design
Design a 3D, create a flat 2D set, or even use a dry erase board

Step 5:Filming
Using stop motion software take pictures to animate an object.

Step 6:Putting It All Together
Use iMovie or Movie Maker to combine the video with titles, credits, transitions, and audio.

Step 7:
Share, Feedback, and Reflect
Allow the students to share their information with the class.
Assess both the content knowledge and the movie making skill.

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