Michelle Schenck
Technology Presenter


My name is Michelle Schenck. I am a student at Georgian Court University. Currently I am completing my Student Teaching in two 7th grade Math/Science LLD classrooms. I have used interactive PowerPoint presentations in a few lessons I have created during my field experience. It is an excellent tool to use in the classroom.

Incorporating Technology in your classroom does not have to be difficult. Students in today's day and age are more technology savvy than earlier generations. PowerPoints are an easy way to grab students' attention and keep them engaged. "Flip Your Students Success With Technology" is a demonstration of using interactive PowerPoints in the classroom.

What You Can Expect

Creating a PowerPoint is an easy task. Although my presentation will not teach you how to create a PowerPoint, it will teach you how to be creative with an interactive PowerPoint that is not only educational, but fun for students.

I have attached a word document with instructions on creating interactive slides. I hope you all enjoy the presentation.

Michelle Schenck